3d Graphics Component for .Net Framework

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The professional 3D graphics component for .Net developers.

AnyCAD Graphics Component (aka AnyCAD .Net SDK) is a .Net library that can be used from .Net developers in order to modeling and visualize their applications.

AnyCAD Graphics Component .Net(AGC) provides the powerful  framework to create and manage dynamic 2d/3d geometries, and visualize the graphics models in the 3d viewer control which is very easy to integrate to your applications.  AGC supports to import and export several popular CAD file formats, such as IGES, STEP and STL.  The core modeling and visualization algorithms of AGC.Net are written in C++, and you don’t need worry about the performance.


Free Download and Evaluate                              Sample                                  Get a license



  • You can evaluate the component freely before you decide to buy it.
  • You may incorporate the AnyCAD Graphics Component librires in products which are sold or distributed inside or outside your organization as long as you buy it.
  • Get 1 year support from the AnyCAD Support Team as long as you buy it.



  • Primitive Geometry
    • Line
    • Circle
    • Ellipse
    • Arc
    • Spline
    • Polyline
    • Polygon
    • Plane Face
    • Surface from points
    • Sphere
    • Box
    • Cylinder
    • Cone
  • Modeling Method
    • Split
    • Section
    • Extrude
    • Revol
    • Fillet
    • Chamfer
    • Loft
    • Sweep
    • Pipe
  • Boolean
    • Add
    • Cut
    • Common

3D visualization capabilities:

  • View operation
    • Rotation
    • Zoom
    • Pan
    • Front, Back, Top, Bottom, Left, Right, ISO.
  • Style
    • Point Style
    • Line Style
    • Face Style
    • Material
  • Selection
    • Pick point
    • Pick edge/face/vertex
    • Query Selection

CAD formats:

  • Import
    • STEP
    • IGES
    • STL
  • Export
    • STEP
    • IGES
    • STL

.Net User Control

  • WinForm .Net User Control




Q: Does your product(s) come with the full source code?
 No, the SDK is shipped with binary and the sample source code.

Q: Do we need to pay any royalty fees for the products developed with your components?
No royalty fees are required. You may redistribute your application freely, without any additional payments.

Q: There are 20 people in our development team and we’re supporting 4 different products. How many licenses we need to purchase?
In this case you need to purchase 4 licenses (1 per product).

Q: Do we need to purchase technical support and maintenance or our subscription already includes free support?
All our products come with one-year subscription, which includes unlimited technical support (using our e-mail) and free updates for the purchased product.

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