AnyCAD .Net SDK PRO 2016 Released

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We are pleased to announce the release of AnyCAD .Net SDK Pro 2016!

You are welcome to download it free for evaluation:



What’s new

  • New APIs
    • Geometry: Offset wire, shape.
      • Geometry: Thicken face.
      • Edge classify: inner wire and outer wire.
    • PointStyle::SetMarker: Point marker support, with circle, cross, dot, plus, prismatic,rectangle.
    • PickHelper to get the picked geometry, point.
    • GeomSurface::GetNormal to get the normal by the given position on face.
    • QueryMultiShapeContext to query multi selected shape.
    • AdvFeatureTools API
    • RepairTools API
    • MeasureTools to measure distance between two TopoShape.
    • GeomCurve SplitByUniformLength to split curve by length.
    • GeomCircle to get cricle information.
    • GeomCurve2d to get 2d curve information.
    • GeomPoint to get vertex information
    • SceneNode SetFixedSize to set the node size fixed when scaling view.
    • CameraOperator to manipulate the camera.
    • ModelReader to read STL, 3ds, obj, …
  • Enhancement
    • Improve the quality of rendering edges on surface.
    • Save/Load TopoShape to/from buffer.
    • Use Enum instead of int
    • Many bug fixed.
  • New Commands
    • PickClearMode: MultiPick/SinglePick – change the pick behavior.

Besides of the demo application in the SDK, we also provide another application to show the functionalities of the SDK – AnyCAD Features. And you can walk through the features of AnyCAD technology easily.


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