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AnyCAD .Net SDK PRO 2016 Released

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We are pleased to announce the release of AnyCAD .Net SDK Pro 2016!

You are welcome to download it free for evaluation:



What’s new

  • New APIs
    • Geometry: Offset wire, shape.
      • Geometry: Thicken face.
      • Edge classify: inner wire and outer wire.
    • PointStyle::SetMarker: Point marker support, with circle, cross, dot, plus, prismatic,rectangle.
    • PickHelper to get the picked geometry, point.
    • GeomSurface::GetNormal to get the normal by the given position on face.
    • QueryMultiShapeContext to query multi selected shape.
    • AdvFeatureTools API
    • RepairTools API
    • MeasureTools to measure distance between two TopoShape.
    • GeomCurve SplitByUniformLength to split curve by length.
    • GeomCircle to get cricle information.
    • GeomCurve2d to get 2d curve information.
    • GeomPoint to get vertex information
    • SceneNode SetFixedSize to set the node size fixed when scaling view.
    • CameraOperator to manipulate the camera.
    • ModelReader to read STL, 3ds, obj, …
  • Enhancement
    • Improve the quality of rendering edges on surface.
    • Save/Load TopoShape to/from buffer.
    • Use Enum instead of int
    • Many bug fixed.
  • New Commands
    • PickClearMode: MultiPick/SinglePick – change the pick behavior.

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Robot Machine Simulation based on AnyCAD SDK

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This video demonstrates the ability of  AnyCAD .Net/C++ SDK (Enterprise  Edition) to be used in robot machine simulations solution.

The working flow:

Step 1: Create Robot Part

Use you favorite CAD software or AnyCAD Part Editor to create the robot parts.   And export the part to stp/stl files.

Step 2: Assembly the Robot

Use AnyCAD Assembly Editor to import the part file and assembly the robot part to a machine. And each part will be assigned an unique name.

Step 3: Use AnyCAD SDK load the assembly to your project

AnyCAD SDK (Enterprise Editor) provides APIs to load AnyCAD assembly parts.

Step 4 : Control the movement of robot movement

Use AnyCAD SDK to access the element and change the position, rotation of the part.


The New 3D model viewer – AnyViewer 2016

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AnyCAD Viewer 2016 is redesigned based on the new AnyCAD graphics technology.

You can use this FREE app to open several 3d file formats, such as STL, IGES, STEP, IFC, DXF, FBX, 3DS, OBJ, DAE, X, MDx, blend…,etc. You can also try the online 3D data exchange server to convert your models to the format that AnyCAD Viewer supports.


The Free CAD Model Converter for STEP IGES STL

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AnyCAD Exchange3D is the free app to converter and view CAD files for STEP, IGES and STL file format.




The Free SKP File Viewer 2016

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AnyCAD SkpViewer 2016 is the free SketchUp file viewer, which is fast and easy to use.


The Free SKP File Viewer

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AnyCAD SkpViewer 2015 is available for download!





SkpViewer is the free SKP file viewer  which has simple UI and very easy to use. Please enjoy the new look and feel:

SkpViewer 2015

SkpViewer 2015

SkpViewer 2015

SkpViewer 2015 sdk pro R2015

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AnyCAD .Net SDK Pro R2015 is ready for you to download!

AnyCAD .Net SDK Pro Demos


What’s new:

- New Scene Nodes
* AnyCAD::API::PointNode
* AnyCAD::API::LineNode
* AnyCAD::API::PointCloudNode
* AnyCAD::API::Text3dNode
* AnyCAD::API::PointCloudNode : show points with colors.
* AnyCAD::API::SceneNodeIterator to iterate the scene or group nodes.

- Enhancement
* Rect pick
* Customize the working grid and coordinate widget
* Add LoopsBuilder to build faces with holes.
* Many new geometry building methods for AnyCAD::API::BrepTools
- Font and Text 3d
* AnyCAD::API:Font : Font class
* AnyCAD::API:FontManager : manage Font library
* AnyCAD::API:FontEdgeDecomposer : extract font outline.
* AnyCAD::API::FontGeometryDecomposer : extract font face and geometry.
* AnyCAD::API::Text3dNode : multi-lines text support

- Removed APIs
* ITopoShapeReaderContext, use AnyCAD::API::TopoShapeReaderContext instead.

- New APIs
* AnyCAD::API::Application::SetLogFileName : set the log file name.
* AnyCAD::Exchange::IgesReader: read parts in iges file.
* AnyCAD::API::TopoShapeReaderContext::SetFaceColor/SetEdgeColor: get the shape color in step/iges files.
* AnyCAD::API::Renderer move the methods from View3d.
* AnyCAD::API::CoordinateWidget the coordinate node
* AnyCAD::API::AxesWidget the 3d axes node
* AnyCAD::API::SceneNodeIterator to iterate the node in the scene or AnyCAD::API::GroupSceneNode.
- Bug Fix
* Failed to start when in directory with Unicode.
* Fixed unable to pick face/edge in large model file.
* Fixed flicking issue when resizing in WPF apps.
* Fixed missing color when reading STEP/IGES






Features of AnyCAD SDK for CAM

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AnyCAD .Net SDK has many modeling APIs to create 2d/3d geometries, and it also supports visualization widgets for CAM applications now. for examples:

Customized coordinate widgets

  •  customized coordinate text
  • set visibility of arrows.
  • left hand coordinate widgets
  • multi coordinate widgets

Customized working grid

  • grid color/size
  • line patterns
  • additional lines


Download AnyCAD. Net SDK



The free online dwg converter – AnyCAD Exchange Cloud beta

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AnyCAD Exchange Cloud is the free Web App which is designed to provide the CAD file converter services.


Try AnyCAD Exchange3d Online


It’s quit easy to use the function:

 1. Input your e-mail to receive the result file

2. Choose the exchange server

3. Upload your CAD file.

Then,  you’ll get the result after the file has been processed.


During the beta stage, we provide DWG to SVG, DWG to Collada, DWG to PDF, DXF to SVG … CAD exchange server.

More servers will be added, any suggestions are welcome.


AnyCAD .Net SDK Pro 2014 UR1

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AnyCAD .Net SDK Pro 2014 UR1 is released!

AnyCAD .Net SDK Pro The professional 3D graphics component for .Net developers, it can be used from .Net developers in order to modeling and visualize their applications.

Free Download                              Sample                                  Get a license




What’s new for AnyCAD .Net SDK Pro 2014 UR1?

AnyCAD .Net SDK Pro 2014.



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