Power Station Designing Based on AnyCAD

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AnyCAD Designer Suite (ADS) can be used to create complex 3d models and scenes, and can also be integrated into your software system.

Here is the successful story that using ADS for 3d power station designing.

Design Primitive Models

Using AnyCAD’s modeling script language, you can build basic or complex (if you want) models. You can also add your customized parameters for the model and use the parameter in your script. Take the following model for example:


Design Compound Models

You can assembly primitives to be complex models and control the model via AnyCAD script language,  and you can build animation, for example:

Design Scenes

Dragging and dropping models from the model library, you can design your 3d scene. More important feature is that you can add relationship between models, and AnyCAD will maintain the relationship automatically.

Navigate the Scene

You can walk through your scene like playing a 3d game.

.Net API

ADS provide powerful .Net API which can be used to integrate into your own system to analysis the scene and redesign the scene via API.

Video Show

All the models above are created by Chinasoftcore Ltd. If you are interested in this case, please feel free to contact us or http://www.chinasoftcore.com.

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