Robot Machine Simulation based on AnyCAD SDK

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This video demonstrates the ability of  AnyCAD .Net/C++ SDK (Enterprise  Edition) to be used in robot machine simulations solution.

The working flow:

Step 1: Create Robot Part

Use you favorite CAD software or AnyCAD Part Editor to create the robot parts.   And export the part to stp/stl files.

Step 2: Assembly the Robot

Use AnyCAD Assembly Editor to import the part file and assembly the robot part to a machine. And each part will be assigned an unique name.

Step 3: Use AnyCAD SDK load the assembly to your project

AnyCAD SDK (Enterprise Editor) provides APIs to load AnyCAD assembly parts.

Step 4 : Control the movement of robot movement

Use AnyCAD SDK to access the element and change the position, rotation of the part.


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