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DwgViewer Free 2016 is the freeware to view DWG and DXF file, and to convert it to other file formats, such as DXF, DWF, DAE, SVG, PDF, BMP.



The Free 3D Model Converter – AnyCAD Exchange3D

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AnyCAD Exchange Online (no install required)


AnyCAD Exchange3D is the free 3D model converter!

Exchange3D supports to many popular 3D file formats, and you can use it to convert models to other formats, such as iges, step, stl, fbx, dae, 3ds, md2, mdl, obj….

Exchange3D is designed to process multi-tasks at the same time, so you can convert many models at the same time.

  • step
  • iges
  • fbx
  • 3ds
  • dxf
  • dae
  • stl
  • obj
  • md2
  • mdl


Release History:



  • AnyCAD Exchange 5.0 10.8 MB



The free CAD viewer – AnyCAD Viewer 5.1

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AnyCAD Viewer is the free and easy to use 3d model viewer.

You can use AnyCAD Viewer to open the files that saved or exported from commercial AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Revit, SolidWorks, UG, ProE… or other CAD/3d softwares.  AnyCAD Viewer is designed to be as tiny as possible, but can read as many file formats as possible.

AnyCAD Viewer 5.0 supports many popular file formats, such as:

  • step
  • iges
  • fbx
  • 3ds
  • dxf
  • dae
  • stl
  • obj
  • md2
  • mdl
  • … .

Please contact us if you need any help:

x86 10.5 MB

x64: AnyViewer5.0beta(x64).zip 10.7 MB

AnyCAD Viewer Mini 4.0

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AnyCAD Viewer Mini is an easy to use  and free 3d model viewer application.

It supports popular file formats, such as: 3ds, dxf, dae, stl, obj

Many types will be added. If you want more file formats supported, please mail us:

Open Revit Modle

AnyCAD Viewer AnyCAD Viewer

AnyCAD Viewer v2.5

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[New Viewers]

We are pleased to anounce the release of AnyCAD Viewer v2.5.

AnyCAD Viewer is a free 3d model viewer, which supports many popular 3d file formats, such as 3ds, stl, iges, step, skp, dae… and more and more formats will be added.

What’s new in v2.5
- Support Collada (*.dae) file format
- Support SketchUp (*.skp) file with textures
- Add Perespective view mode
- Support Edge/Face/Material displaying options
- Fixed the crash issue on Windows XP.

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AnyCAD Viewer Collada plugin Preview

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The development of Collada plugin is on going. Then you can use AnyCAD Viewer to view *.DAE 3d file format.

Here is the preview result:

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How to open skp file?

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AnyCAD SkpViewer 2015

SkpViewer 2015 is has the new look and feel, please download it here



AnyCAD SkpViewer 5.0

AnyCAD SkpViewer is the freeware to open SketchUp files (*.skp), the package size is only 5.5MB! 5.5 MB


AnyCAD Viewer is a powerful software which can be used to open many popular file formats, such as dxf, 3ds, iges, step, dae, stl,obj, dae,….

AnyCAD Viewer is totally free!

Note:  the 4.1 version only supports 3ds, dae, stl, obj, dae file formats. If you want to open skp, iges and step, please download 3.01.

Release History

Version 4.1 Download

Version 3.0.1 Download

Version 2.5.0 Download

Version 2.1.0  Download.

The Features of AnyCAD Viewer:

- Support Autodesk DXF file format (*.dxf)

- Support Google Sketchup file format (*.skp)

- Support Autodesk Collada file format (*.dae)

- Support popular file formats: 3ds, stl, iges, step,dxf, obj.

- Consistent and easy to use user experience.


AnyCAD Viewer 2012

Free CAD Viewer

Free SKP viewer


how to open dxf file

how to open dae file

Please feel free to let us know what kinds of file formats you want AnyCAD Viewer to support.

Free 3ds viewer

Free step vivewer

Free iges viewer



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