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AnyCAD .Net SDK PRO 2016 Released

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We are pleased to announce the release of AnyCAD .Net SDK Pro 2016!

You are welcome to download it free for evaluation:



What’s new

  • New APIs
    • Geometry: Offset wire, shape.
      • Geometry: Thicken face.
      • Edge classify: inner wire and outer wire.
    • PointStyle::SetMarker: Point marker support, with circle, cross, dot, plus, prismatic,rectangle.
    • PickHelper to get the picked geometry, point.
    • GeomSurface::GetNormal to get the normal by the given position on face.
    • QueryMultiShapeContext to query multi selected shape.
    • AdvFeatureTools API
    • RepairTools API
    • MeasureTools to measure distance between two TopoShape.
    • GeomCurve SplitByUniformLength to split curve by length.
    • GeomCircle to get cricle information.
    • GeomCurve2d to get 2d curve information.
    • GeomPoint to get vertex information
    • SceneNode SetFixedSize to set the node size fixed when scaling view.
    • CameraOperator to manipulate the camera.
    • ModelReader to read STL, 3ds, obj, …
  • Enhancement
    • Improve the quality of rendering edges on surface.
    • Save/Load TopoShape to/from buffer.
    • Use Enum instead of int
    • Many bug fixed.
  • New Commands
    • PickClearMode: MultiPick/SinglePick – change the pick behavior.

read more sdk pro R2015

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AnyCAD .Net SDK Pro R2015 is ready for you to download!

AnyCAD .Net SDK Pro Demos


What’s new:

- New Scene Nodes
* AnyCAD::API::PointNode
* AnyCAD::API::LineNode
* AnyCAD::API::PointCloudNode
* AnyCAD::API::Text3dNode
* AnyCAD::API::PointCloudNode : show points with colors.
* AnyCAD::API::SceneNodeIterator to iterate the scene or group nodes.

- Enhancement
* Rect pick
* Customize the working grid and coordinate widget
* Add LoopsBuilder to build faces with holes.
* Many new geometry building methods for AnyCAD::API::BrepTools
- Font and Text 3d
* AnyCAD::API:Font : Font class
* AnyCAD::API:FontManager : manage Font library
* AnyCAD::API:FontEdgeDecomposer : extract font outline.
* AnyCAD::API::FontGeometryDecomposer : extract font face and geometry.
* AnyCAD::API::Text3dNode : multi-lines text support

- Removed APIs
* ITopoShapeReaderContext, use AnyCAD::API::TopoShapeReaderContext instead.

- New APIs
* AnyCAD::API::Application::SetLogFileName : set the log file name.
* AnyCAD::Exchange::IgesReader: read parts in iges file.
* AnyCAD::API::TopoShapeReaderContext::SetFaceColor/SetEdgeColor: get the shape color in step/iges files.
* AnyCAD::API::Renderer move the methods from View3d.
* AnyCAD::API::CoordinateWidget the coordinate node
* AnyCAD::API::AxesWidget the 3d axes node
* AnyCAD::API::SceneNodeIterator to iterate the node in the scene or AnyCAD::API::GroupSceneNode.
- Bug Fix
* Failed to start when in directory with Unicode.
* Fixed unable to pick face/edge in large model file.
* Fixed flicking issue when resizing in WPF apps.
* Fixed missing color when reading STEP/IGES






Features of AnyCAD SDK for CAM

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AnyCAD .Net SDK has many modeling APIs to create 2d/3d geometries, and it also supports visualization widgets for CAM applications now. for examples:

Customized coordinate widgets

  •  customized coordinate text
  • set visibility of arrows.
  • left hand coordinate widgets
  • multi coordinate widgets

Customized working grid

  • grid color/size
  • line patterns
  • additional lines


Download AnyCAD. Net SDK



WPF sample for AnyCAD .Net Graphics Component

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Besides WinForm, the AnyCAD .Net Graphics Component can also be integrated into your WPF project.

Get the sample code


Note: you need the AnyCAD .Net SDK Pro v2014UR1 to run this sample.

Please contact us to get the latest SDK for evaluation:



AnyCAD .Net SDK Pro

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AnyCAD .Net SDK is the professional .Net component for .Net developers, and it has powerful APIs for 3d modeling, visualization and data exchange.


Note: You can try AnyCAD .Net SDK Pro for 30 days before you buy it.



1.  Modeling

Features of 3d modeling:

  • Primitive modeling for point, line, polyline, spline, arc, circle, sphere, box, cylinder, cone, etc…
  • Compound: wire, shell, solid, compound.
  • Modeling methods for extrude, sweep, loft, revole, etc…
  • Boolean operation for union, cut, common.

2.  Data exchange

The standard AnyCAD .Net SDK supports the following file formats:

  • STEP
  • IGES
  • STL


3.  Visualization

The SDK contains the visualization WinForm control, and you can choose to add it to your Form.


  • Camera operation: zoom in/out, fit window, rotation, pan…
  • Selection by pick and selection set management.
  • Scene node management: add, delete, find by id.
  • Display models and customize the face, edge, vertex styles.
  • Display style: wireframe, shading, shading with edge…

 4. FAQ

Q: Does your product(s) come with the full source code?
 No, the SDK is shipped with binary and the sample source code.

Q: Do we need to pay any royalty fees for the products developed with your components?
No royalty fees are required. You may redistribute your application freely, without any additional payments.

Q: There are 2 people in our development team and we’re supporting 4 different products. How many licenses we need to purchase?
In this case you need to purchase 2 licenses (1 per developer).

Q: Do we need to purchase technical support and maintenance or our subscription already includes free support?
All our products come with one-year subscription, which includes unlimited technical support (using our e-mail) and free updates for the purchased product.

AnyCAD .Net SDK v4

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Anycad .Net SDK

 AnyCAD .Net SDK is the free CAD SDK for .Net developers.

What’s API new?

- Selection

-ScnenNode/ GroupNode

-Face/Line Style


-Use AnyViz as the rendering engine

-Update the modeling kernal






AnyCAD .Net API Tutorial: Create Primitive Geometries

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Anycad .Net SDK

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the  AnyCAD .Net API to create 3d geomtries.

The C# code and AnyCAD.Net SDK can be found in github:


// Create the brep tool object

using AnyCAD.Platform;

BrepTools shapeMaker = new BrepTools();


// Create sphere

TopoShape sphere = shapeMaker.MakeSphere(new Vector3(0, 0, 0), 40);

// TopoShape objects are the topology presentation of the models.


// Let’s create more primitive objects:

// Create Box

TopoShape box = shapeMaker.MakeBox(new Vector3(40, -20, 0), new Vector3(0, 0, 1), new Vector3(30, 40, 60));


// Create Cylinder

TopoShape cylinder = shapeMaker.MakeCylinder(new Vector3(80, 0, 0), new Vector3(0, 0, 1), 20, 100, 315);


// Create Cone

TopoShape cylinder = shapeMaker.MakeCone(new Vector3(120, 0, 0), new Vector3(0, 0, 1), 20, 100, 40, 315);


How to present the TopoShapes on the 3D view?

Preview the code before start the next tutorial.

AnyCAD Basic .Net SDK v2013.1

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The New AnyCAD Basic .Net SDK

–The free CAD library for .Net developers!

* Support 3d modeling and visualization
* Simple API
* Easy to integrate to your existing system.
* With sample code included

Download the SDK.

Help Document (English)

Pull the latest source code from github:



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