The free skp file viewer – SkpViewer

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AnyCAD SkpViewer is the free skp file reader and viewer!

- Download 12.5 MB 5.5 MB


- What’s skp file format?

*.skp is the file format of SketchUp.

- Where to find skp files?

- How to open skp file format?

You can use the software SketchUp to open it. But if you don’t want to install it, you can use AnyCAD SkpViewer.


- Why choose AnyCAD  SkpViewer?

  • Small size – the pacakge is only 5.5MB!
  • Easy to use – don’t need to learn almost!
  • Free –  it’s the freeware!


- How to view the skp file using AnyCAD SkpViewer?

  • Rotation: Press the mouse left button and move the mouse
  • Zoom: Scroll the middle button, or press right button and move the mouse
  • Pan: Press middle button and move the mouse


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